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Training presentation

SiM: A first-of-its-kind masterclass

A growing number of companies is integrating the role of standardization
in their operations as they understand

1.that Digital Transformation means connectivity, interoperability and smart data which require standardization to facilitate new growth markets

2.that standardization is a business tool that – when used well – can have great impact on the bottom-line

The Standards-based Innovation Management (SIM) Masterclass

  • brings companies and their standardization/innovation team up-to-speed in just three days
  • treats all topics related to successful standardization and impactful application to new business
  • Is unique in its deep understanding of the symbiosis between standardization and business
  • is based on 50+ years of experience in standardization, technology innovation, marketing and business execution throughout digital transformations in many industries
  • builds on many years of training experience

SIM objective

This three day masterclass aims at professionals that represent their company in standardization activities. It equips these professionals with all cognitive and behavioral skills they need to be effective in achieving company goals in standardization and in introducing the new standard in the company’s business. Topics on the agenda are: How standardization works, formation of consortia, aspects and traps in legal and IP matters, formal and informal roles to enhance impact, negotiation and lobby, regulation and compliance, turning a standard into company success, managing results. Crucial aspects of participating in a standardization body are exercised in a true-to-life case, with sessions throughout the course. Trainees each represent a party – with its own strategy, culture and objectives – in a standardization simulation play. They exercise behavioral styles and receive feedback from the teachers, one being a psychologist by profession.

The masterclass is based on the premise that Standardization is a business tool. It rightfully has a place in the toolkit of successful companies, as it can speed up acceptance of R&D based innovations, increase the accessible market, and make a difference on a company’s profit margins. For this standardization tool to be useful, it has to be integrated in and across the operation of a company: various aspects of the tool are to be used by the various departments of the company. We have evolved standards based innovation beyond individual mastery to a systematic and structured approach, where results can anticipated and measured. In the masterclass we apply our learning, experience and a rich set of real life examples.

The content

Mastership is reached through a combination of knowledge elements (“content”), process elements (“practice”) and behavioral elements (“skills”).
Training methods include lectures, audiovisuals, group exercise, simulation, discussion and collective coaching.

Our Neovate experts team

Eddy Odijk

Eddy Odijk is a Senior Innovation strategist. He has 35 years of industry experience, in R&D- , technology- and standardization  management, and business strategy positions. Eddy has developed the corporate standardization process at Philips and led the company’s standardization teams in the areas of Consumer Electronics, Healthcare and Lighting. He has co-founded many standards consortia including ZigBee, HAVi, HDMI, UPnP, DLNA, RF4CE, Continua and Zhaga, and has served as a board member for these and other alliances. He has been teaching on standardization for well over a decade

Jos Bruins

Jos Bruins is a Senior Innovation Strategist. Jos has over 25 years of experience in businesses like Domestic appliances, Telecom, Consumer electronics, Media, Digital TV, Medical products and Lighting. Jos specialized in Marketing of new technology, New business development and Standards based innovation management for key strategic product lines. During his job as Principal IPC and Senior Director of standards he was involved in DVD/Blu-ray, MP3/AAC/AVC, Bluetooth/WiFi/ZigBee, BacNet/KNX, UPnP, and many more. Jos is based in Amsterdam

Jacobien Kamp

Over 25 years of experience working with a variety of organizations in the electronics industry, health care and the public service sector, gave Jacobien a high level of mastership in the application of principles of social psychology in organizations. Her focus is on consulting organizations in innovation management, the design of change processes and behavioral training to enhance the quality of leadership.  Being a psychologist Jacobien also provides individual coaching.

The program

Before:  pre-webinar, special-interest inventory, personality type scan

A snapshot of teaching materials and methods

Presentations, class discussions, simulation game, individual coaching,…


from leading standardization alliances

Grant Erickson, President, Thread Group

Multi-lateral standardization impacts and requires both synergies and expertise across marketing, product management, engineering, legal, and business development. I am fully in support of and advocate for the concepts and goals of this SiM master class taught by experienced professionals as a force-multiplier for those involved in multi-lateral standardization efforts.

Grant Klaus Waechter, President, BACnet Interest Group Europe

Standardization and Regulation become more and more the rulers of our digital world. To understand the topics of standardization and to feel comfortable in the standardization meetings is essential for success. This SiM master class supports the participants to become standardization professionals and successful committee members. Different aspects are part of the training, which elaborates the individual strength of each participant and eliminates his weaknesses. This training covers all the various aspects, which elaborate the individual strength of each participant and eliminate his weaknesses.

Grant Tobin Richardson, President and CEO, Zigbee Alliance

The concept and goals of this SiM masterclass are not only critical for us as a standardization alliance, but also essential for individuals and companies involved in moving various business interests forward through a standardization process. The mechanics of standardization aren’t learned and mastered at university – it takes a tremendous amount of time and experience to gain proficiency in this area. We often talk about requirements such as budget and capacity, but competent, capable people might be even more important when working in the standards environment.