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Neovate’s consultants specialize in all facets of standarding, from large scale alliances to smaller joint-product partnerships, Government innovation programs or start-ups with unique mass-market ‘enabling’ solutions. They can provide intel and feasibility surveys, provide alliance design support, drive organizational set-up and day-to-day operational activities. Team members come from all over the world, and work with many of the world’s leading technology brands in projects in Europe, Asia and America.

Neovate team members

Judy Chan

Ms. Judy Chan is Senior Innovation Consultant. Judy has 20 years of experience in promoting IT and Consumer Electronics systems and innovations across Asia. She has been vice chair and corporate representative in various trade and standardization organizations. Judy is an expert in ecosystem development and bridging different cultures in global organizations. Judy is based in Hong Kong.

Tom Houben

Mr. Tom Houben is a Senior Director Business Development within the group. Tom holds an MSc in Computer Science and specializes in Software, Services and IP-connectivity. He has extensive experience in Function Planning, Strategy, Software Engineering and Project Management in the ICT industry. Tom is based in Amsterdam.

Eddy Odijk

Mr. Eddy Odijk works as a Senior Innovation strategist. Eddy has 35 years of industry experience, mostly in technology management, IP, and business strategy positions. He has developed the corporate standardization process at Philips and led the standardization teams in the areas of Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Lighting and Corporate Technologies. Eddy has co-founded, on behalf of his employer, many standardization consortia including ZigBee Alliance, HAVi, HDMI, UPnP, DLNA, RF4CE, Continua and Zhaga, has served in many cases as a board member, and has supervised participants to these consortia. Eddy is based in Eindhoven.

Jos Bruins

Mr. Jos Bruins is a Senior Innovation Strategist. Jos has over 25 years of experience in businesses like Domestic appliances, Telecom, Consumer electronics, Media, Digital TV, Medical products and Lighting. Jos specialized in Marketing of new technology, New business development and Standards based innovation management for key strategic product lines. During his job as Principal IPC and Senior Director of standards he was involved in DVD/Blu-ray, MP3/AAC/AVC, Bluetooth/WiFi/ZigBee, BacNet/KNX, UPnP, and many more. Jos is based in Amsterdam.

John Hickie

Mr. John Hickie is a technology communication expert, with over 25 years of writing experience in new business in Appliances, Telecom, CE, Media, Digital TV, Medical and Lighting products. John’s specialty is in extracting compelling content from technical projects to promote new hi-tech concepts in different phases of the Business Creation Process. He has solid experience in content creation revolving around middleware- and application standards like DVD/Blu-ray Disc, MP3/AAC/AVC, MHEG/MHP, Bluetooth/WiFi, RC05/RC06, Ethernet, etc. John is based in Eindhoven and Dublin.

Herbert Waltl

Mr. Herbert Waltl is a Senior Innovation Strategist in the content and media domain. Herbert has extensive experience as an independent music producer and is an adjunct professor at McGill University. He was involved in shaping product and content solutions in the domains of AAC, AVC, DVD, DSD Super Audio and Streaming solutions with all key players in this field. An authority in the media industry, he has received numerous awards and nominations including two Grammy Awards, TEC Award for “Outstanding Creative Achievement”, DVD Entertainment Award for “Best Music DVD”, Surround Sound Music Award, DVD Audio Excellence Award and Finalist of the Billboard DEMX Awards for “Music DVD of the Year 2005”.

Luuk van der Laan

Mr. Luuk van der Laan works as a senior legal advisor with over 25 years of experience in joint innovation projects as a lawyer in private practice, as in-house lawyer at Philips Lighting, and as general council in the Philips Health Tech and Personal Care divisions. Luuk is specialised in designing and starting-up various types of technology driven cooperations, such as industry alliances, and works with IP-dominated relations, among which cross licensing between two or more parties, on a daily basis. Luuk often takes the role of sparring partner and advisor for companies in the early days of the collaborative innovation business development process.

Jorg Kennis

Mr. Jorg Kennis works as a Standards Innovation expert in our team. Before joining Neovate, Jorg worked for Philips Electronics, Panasonic and Hewlett Packard, where he provided marketing support for standardization alliances like DVD+RW, Blu-ray Disc, Super Audio, Easy-Link, AVC/MPEG4 and VCPS/DRM. He was also responsible for online B2B communication strategy. Jorg is a marketing writer with an in-depth knowledge on both technical- and business aspects of digital media and connectivity technologies. In this capacity, Jorg creates technology white papers, brochures, blog- and web content, and technology presentations. In addition, Jorg is involved in market research, technology benchmarking, and analyzing competitive dynamics, where he provides strategic analysis to management teams. Jorg is based in the Netherlands.