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Neovate consulting services

At Neovate we have experts available to help you strengthen and accelerate your standardization business into commercial benefits. We focus on five service domains:

1) Business, Strategy and Management
2) Marketing, Communication and Promotion
3) Technology, Architecture and Compliance
4) Intellectual Property (IP) and Legal
5) Alliance Management and Support

1 – Business, Strategy and Management

Innovation Strategy

  • Provide opportunity landscaping to identify and define relevant white-spots
  • Create new project feasibility studies to conclude on options for new activities
  • Provide new collaboration initiative set-up and positioning
  • Develop vision and setting of ambition levels
  • Develop alliance team composition and organizational design
  • Resolve complex challenges to propose activity direction
  • Combine strategy with organizational aspects and operational effectiveness
  • Provide strategic organization or portfolio assessments

Business development

  • Assess new business- and business models
  • Develop Ecosystem and Infrastructure models
  • Facilitate in the supply of key modules and components
  • Provide launch and sales support for new products and technologies
  • Liaise with and develop business-partnerships
  • Recruit key members and organizations
  • Improve activities in new business network groups

Process, Design and Training

  • Develop open innovation process and work-flow mappings
  • Standardization process-maturity assessments
  • Produce organizational capability-maturity assessments
  • Define process tasks, steps and timing
  • Define Operating Procedures and standard Ways of Working
  • Create ad-hoc “issue” improvement workshops
  • Provide training sessions “effective standardization for standardization managers”
  • Develop training sessions “effective standardization for alliances management”
  • Provide alliance management coaching

Neosights – Business Intelligence

  • Tailor made market analytics on the intersection of standards, business dynamics, IP, technology, marketing and alliances
  • Transferring collaborative innovation raw data into meaningful business information
  • Maintaining strategic relationships with market analysts, market research agencies, technology evangelists and shaping industry leaders
  • Deliver targeted market and business predictions based on data, text-, and process mining
  • Monitor and provide business process and business performance analyses
  • Development of scenarios for strategic decision making and Decision Tree Analyses (DTA)
  • Organize test markets, test panels and market reports
  • Research, landscaping and analyses of intellectual property positions and patent patent shares and patent quality for licensing and patent portfolio strategy.

2 – Marketing, Communication and Promotion

Technology Marketing

  • Clearly define and position our proposition
  • Strategically map and analyze competitors, and benchmark our against the reference players
  • Strategically assess segments, territories and new markets where we want to play
  • Define competitive strategy and required organizational capabilities
  • Develop a market vision white-paper and formulate a business game plan
  • Further define new functionality and the new use-cases
  • Define the ecosystem, the adoption process and success requirements
  • Develop name, logo, domain names and numbering systems
  • Develop a Go-To-Market strategy and convert strategy into actions
  • Create test-value propositions, prototypes and concept cars
  • Define the branding approach and logo usage guidelines
  • Consolidate positioning statements, strategic messaging and promotion tools
  • Develop a partner plan, define allies and strategic alliances
  • Define performance indicators and business intelligence instruments
  • Ensure market-, business- and customer value in all we do

Communication and Promotion

  • Organize standardization seminars and round-table events
  • Create new initiative announcements, study group PR and launch planning
  • Produce newsletters, educational PowerPoint presentations, and internal community events
  • Promote your company via press, PR, collateral, events and seminars
  • Develop social media and web-based communications
  • Define communication-mix and progress tracking
  • Manage the “shifting adopter concerns” in marketing communications
  • Write case-studies, white papers and educational material

3 – IP, Technology, Architecture and Compliance

Intellectual Property (IP) management

  • Support in development of an IP portfolio strategy – on inventions, process know-how, designs, naming, symbols, images, literary- and artistic works
  • IP Counseling to Research-, Development- and Business managers
  • IP Planning, Creation (protecting inventions) and Acquisition
  • Advising in IP value contribution via licensing, aggregation, pooling, partnerships or other IP based transactions
  • Analyzing and evaluating patent portfolios for aligning business objectives with IP strategy
  • Handling IP matters in collaborations with third parties
  • Managing company exposure on third-party IP risks
  • Review and evaluate patents and claim charts
  • Assisting with IP Assertion and Defense models
  • Managing infringement of IP by others
  • Support with IPR leveraging strategies like Technology licensing, Brand-extensions licensing, JV’s and Strategic alliances, Business-format franchising, Strategic Outsourcing

Testing, Compliance and Certification

  • Support for testing, checking and certifying products and services
  • Ensure interoperability and safety for users and environment
  • Help to define compliance goals, rules and procedures for fast market access and successful marketing
  • Provide test harness design and development support
  • Assist in test partner negotiation and selection
  • Design test events and bug fixing programs
  • Define logo license rules, logo program development and logo usage policing
  • Ensure short throughput times with knowledgeable and reliable partners
  • Assess and rate the quality of teams, methods, products, software upgrades, systems and services on performance and sustainability

Technology design and support

  • Co-develop technology white-papers
  • Define scope, charter and technical challenges documents
  • Define technical requirements and functional specification overviews
  • Develop architecture and functional specifications
  • Co-develop prototypes
  • Produce technology benchmarking and education programs
  • Define compatibility and compliance requirements
  • Develop solutions for system security and digital rights

4 – Alliance Management and Support

Legal and Licensing

  • Setting up strategic alliances and project consortium agreements
  • Drafting of cooperation agreements (e.g. with other alliances), statutes and bylaws
  • Independent (in-house) alliance counseling and legal support
  • Drafting of agreements, statutes and bylaws
  • Development of licensing and value extraction strategies
  • Contract negotiations with and on behalf of alliances
  • Two- or multiparty IP and (cross)licensing arrangements
  • IP-Licensing and Legal counselling to management
  • Partnering, liaison and M&A support
  • Managing competition law aspects
  • Creating or reviewing of legal frameworks
  • Assessing collaboration initiatives
  • Enforcement of contractual arrangements with third parties

Project management and Team Leaders

  • Provide Technical-, Marketing-, Legal-, Special Project- working group leaders
  • Achieve project objectives within primary constraints like scope, timing, quality, budget, etc.
  • Take care of the activity planning process, along with organizing, motivating and controlling resources
  • Manage teams, distribute information and manage stakeholder expectations
  • Test deliverables and SMART targets against initial plan, ambitions and designs
  • Provide “Expert Review-based Strategy Planning”  (ERSP) to the board executives or strategy workgroups. Provide help with implementation.

Project finance, administration and operations

  • Provide member administration and relationship management
  • Organize standardization initiative stakeholder-managementt
  • Ensure solid alliance-to-member communication
  • Provide documentation, administration and digital data management
  • Provide alliance status reporting and analytics
  • Organize (virtual) meetings and member events
  • Provide attendance, participation and voting tracking
  • Provide group secretarial and logistics support