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Neovate company profile

Neovate is specialized in supporting companies to create and implement their strategies for standardization, standards based business innovation and technology partnerships.

We also service standardization alliances and collaborative innovation initiatives with Strategy making, Project management, Business intelligence, Prototyping, Spec writing, Legal and IP, Promotion and Training.

We diagnose, create (improvement) plans, we implement and manage early implementation stages, we monitor marketplace and assess the progress you make, and coach your staff.

For detailed information, visit our website: http://www.neovate-ip.com

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Our competence: standards-based innovation in the digital era

Competing successfully after the strike of Digital Transformation

  • When Digital Transformation hits an industry it means:
    The end of hardware-dominated product propositions,
    The end of stand-alone products,
    The end of “isolated” business (activities),
    The end of traditional competition, and – competitive forces,
    The end of well-known value control points and classic use cases and applications.
  • It is the beginning of :
    –Dominance of interconnected / Interoperable value propositions
  • Paving the way for systemization, integral control and data gathering à Smart home / -building / -city /
    –Multiplayer value models with competitors, suppliers, complementors, integrators
  • Optimizing the company’s place in the digital ecosystem through an effective alliance strategy
    –Network interfaces become more plentiful, more important and will be standardized
  • (Co-) Innovating the interfaces (and the derived product specs) drives your competitive edge and bottom-line value

Our track-record: collaborative innovation for standards

Standards we have initiated, managed, marketed, implemented: driving new markets and product features

Success characteristics: A 1.5 3 year creation time to launch, 6 Year or less to a leading position within the segment, Options for forward compatibility to 2nd or 3rd generation

Our premise: standardization is a business tool

Proven methodology to have standardization contribute to the bottom-line

We understand where the value is and how to capitalize on it

We help companies develop their Standards based innovation strategy and implement it

Our expertise: manage the standardization tool to create business value

We supply know-how and tool-set, and we (help) drive the internal / external process

Our skills: embed standards based innovation in your organization

Determine projects, processes and ways of working

We advise on anchoring the standardization

function in a company’s value chain …                                

… (help) develop the internal organization and

make it work across department boundaries

Our services

1 – Business, Strategy and Management

Innovation Strategy

Business development

Process, Design and Training

Neosights Business Intelligence

2 – Marketing, Communication and Promotion

Technology Marketing

Communication and Promotion

3 – IP, Technology, Architecture and Compliance

Intellectual Property (IP) management

Testing, Compliance and Certification

Technology design and support

4 – Alliance Management and Support

Legal and Licensing

Project management and Team Leaders

Project finance, administration and operations

Our propositions

A 360o specialized standarding solution. A core team with cooperating professionals

Our application- and ecosystem expertise

Eight interrelated domains

Home lighting automation

Intelligent building technology

Automotive / Energy harvesting

Mobility /Outdoor networks / Smart city

Utility / Smart energy / safety voltage

Mobile display / control electronics

Tele health / eHealth

Multi media / content everywhere

Our Neovate experts team

Judy Chan

Ms. Judy Chan is Senior Innovation Consultant. Judy has 20 years of experience in promoting IT and Consumer Electronics systems and innovations across Asia. She has been vice chair and corporate representative in various trade and standardization organizations. Judy is an expert in ecosystem development and bridging different cultures in global organizations. Judy is based in Hong Kong.

Eddy Odijk

Mr. Eddy Odijk works as a Senior Innovation strategist. Eddy has 35 years of industry experience, mostly in technology management, IP, and business strategy positions. He has developed the corporate standardization process at Philips and led the standardization teams in the areas of Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Lighting and Corporate Technologies. Eddy has co-founded, on behalf of his employer, many standardization consortia including ZigBee Alliance, HAVi, HDMI, UPnP, DLNA, RF4CE, Continua and Zhaga, has served in many cases as a board member, and has supervised participants to these consortia. Eddy is based in Eindhoven.

Patrica Beks

Ms. Patricia Beks operates as Senior Director of collaborative communication within the group. Patricia has extensive international experience in Digital Marketing, PR and Communication with high-tech B2B markets. She is specialized in concept development, content creation and optimization of conversion in collaborative business environments, such as industry standard alliances like DVD+RW and Blu-ray Disc. Patricia is based in Eindhoven.

Jos Bruins

Mr. Jos Bruins is a Senior Innovation Strategist. Jos has over 25 years of experience in businesses like Domestic appliances, Telecom, Consumer electronics, Media, Digital TV, Medical products and Lighting. Jos specialized in Marketing of new technology, New business development and Standards based innovation management for key strategic product lines. During his job as Principal IPC and Senior Director of standards he was involved in DVD/Blu-ray, MP3/AAC/AVC, Bluetooth/WiFi/ZigBee, BacNet/KNX, UPnP, and many more. Jos is based in Amsterdam.

Jacobien Kamp

Over 25 years of experience working with a variety of organisations in the electronics industry, health care and the public service sector, gave Jacobien a high level of mastership in the application of principles of psychology in organisations. Her focus is on consulting organisations in (standards based) innovation management, the design of change processes and behavioural training aspects to enhance the quality of leadership. Being a psychologist by heart she also coaches senior staff members and line executives with the fundamental objective to raise their contribution to the organisation’s objectives.

Niels Leibbrandt

Mr. Niels Leibbrandt works as a Senior Innovation Consultant within the group. Niels has extensive experience in major market standard activities, including HAVi, MHP, AVC, DVB, MHEG, DLNA, DVD+RW, Blu-ray Disc, DALi, KNX and DMX standardization and technology implementation. Niels is based in Eindhoven

John Hickie

Mr. John Hickie is a technology communication expert, with over 25 years of writing experience in new business in Appliances, Telecom, CE, Media, Digital TV, Medical and Lighting products. John’s specialty is in extracting compelling content from technical projects to promote new hi-tech concepts in different phases of the Business Creation Process. He has solid experience in content creation revolving around middleware- and application standards like DVD/Blu-ray Disc, MP3/AAC/AVC, MHEG/MHP, Bluetooth/WiFi, RC05/RC06, Ethernet, etc. John is based in Eindhoven and Dublin.

Luuk van der Laan

Mr. Luuk van der Laan works as a senior legal advisor with over 25 years of experience in joint innovation projects as a lawyer in private practice, as in-house lawyer at Philips Lighting, and as general council in the Philips Health Tech and Personal Care divisions. Luuk is specialised in designing and starting-up various types of technology driven cooperations, such as industry alliances, and works with IP-dominated relations, among which cross licensing between two or more parties, on a daily basis. Luuk often takes the role of sparring partner and advisor for companies in the early days of the collaborative innovation business development process.

Our customers

  • Major- and ambitious players in industries that are digitally transformed:
    • CTO Office, Research labs, Innovation service departments, Corporate standards departments
    • Corporate strategy, Strategic (technology) marketing
    • CE, ICT, Mobile, Health, Utility, Lighting, Automotive
  • Industry Standardization Alliances, Trade associations and Collaborative Innovation Projects
  • Government and EU innovation programs
  • Start-up’s and SME’s with unique mass market “enabling” solutions