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“A proven track record in collaborative innovation”

Neovate Innovation Projects helps you maximize the impact of an alliance. We specialize in open innovation consultancy with a focus on process management, strategy execution and industry standardization in multi-company projects – or ‘collaborative innovation’. Powered by a global team of innovation experts, we are based in the Netherlands with meeting facilities on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven and in the centre of Amsterdam, just 15 minutes away from Schiphol airport. Although located in Europe, we have extensive experience with local projects for Asian and American organizations.

“We work for the group or on behalf of one member”

Neovate can add value during several phases in your business creation process, from strategic orientation, landscaping and feasibility surveys to alliance design, organizational set-up and operational execution. We can work as independent experts managing alliance initiatives, manage working groups, or work on behalf of one specific alliance member to safeguard realization of their strategy and objectives.


  • Our experience embraces many industries and fields, including consumer electronics, lighting, home automation, smart energy, medical, automotive, media and software.
  • We have contributed to the success of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, DVB/MHEG/MHP, P50/SCART/HDMI, AVC/H264, AAC, MP3 Surround, Dolby, DTS, DVD(R), Blu-ray Disc, SA-CD, HAVi/UPnP, EMerge, Continua, and more.
  • We work with CTOs, R&D project leaders, standardization managers, innovation managers, strategic marketing managers as well as national- and European Union funded program managers.
  • Our areas of competence include co-op feasibility studies, process/procedure design, strategy development, competitive intelligence, by-law development, legal counselling, IP counselling, licensing counselling, document management, work group leadership, logo development, branding and positioning, case analyses, event management, PR & promotion, architecture design, specification drafting, logo compliance/certification, product interoperability testing.

Gain pole position and ‘de-risk’ the race”

 We commit to help you further grow and professionalize your technology initiatives and we strive to secure the pole position for you. We help you move things forward, meet challenges, review alternative scenarios, and overcome any obstacles you may encounter along the way. In short, ‘de-risk’ the race. All our senior experts have proven experience with the companies that shape and drive global innovation in industry. Neovate delivers quality. We recognize that not winning is losing, so we aim to make sure you are first past the post.

Introducing Jos Bruins

Jos Bruins is Founder and Managing Director of Neovate Innovation Projects. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, a BSc in International Marketing and an INSEAD Executive Certificate in Global Management, based on the programs Advanced Industrial Marketing Strategy, Managing Partnerships & Strategic Alliances, Managing Global Virtual Teams. He has worked most of his professional career within Philips Electronics on initiating and driving new business projects in home appliances, AV products, controls, LED lighting, digital TV, media standards, and as a principal Intellectual Property Council within Philips Group Innovation. Jos is native Dutch, speaks fluent German and English and has basic-to-good understanding of Latin European languages and cultures.

Neovate Innovation Projects is a trademark of BRUINS Holding BV, registered in the Netherlands.

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Unlock your network advantage

Many companies have access to untapped value in their partnership networks, but miss out on the available opportunities. There is much to gain in terms of improving your ability to innovate by sharing insight, recombining, transferring critical knowledge, accelerating processes and boosting business efficiency. Today’s companies no longer fit into neatly-defined industry categories. Growth and profitability are stimulated by cooperating with a variety of partners and making non-traditional propositions regarding shared- or connected products and services. It helps you to successfully address changing market demand.

Mine the network potential

Key industry players ask themselves ‘what business should we be in, and how can we successfully enable new markets?’ Part of the answer lies in mining the potential in your network of alliances. Networking and liaising will raise your company’s industry profile, lower your innovation costs, boost efficiency and calibrate with like-minded reference players. A network is an engine for success, a unique way to differentiate your enterprise.

The path to entrepreneurial success

This does not just apply to large multinationals with deep pockets. Unlocking the network economy is crucial for small entrepreneurs too. Many smaller businesses don’t have the required assets to pursue their strategies alone. For this, you need a network. However, the path to growth and entrepreneurial success is a function of how well you utilize the network, achieve recognition, gain status and earn credibility. It is essential in order to realize your strategy.

Designing, launching and managing alliances

Neovate specializes in designing, launching and managing industry standard alliances and industry associations (or logo license programs). Sometimes we work as a neutral and independent expert managing a complete initiative, sometimes we manage an alliance working group, and sometimes we work on behalf of one specific member of an alliance. We help to increase business intelligence, co-develop project plans, drive the standards creation process and put strategy in motion to grow a new ecosystem around the activity.